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This is my favourite One Direction video for the following reasons:

- Niall cannot stop laughing

- 1:15 niall changes the words to “tossed it in the bin” and finds it hilarious

- 1:17-1:24 Harry is being his old cheeky self and flirting with some girl in the crowd

- 1:31 harry is singing to the girl and realizes “i got this bitch in the palm of my hands”

- 1:51 harry and Louis both react to zayn singing “take a bullet straight through my brain”

- Niall is still pissing himself

- 2:16  Niall suddenly goes serious when Louis says “hey”

- Harry’s boner at 2:24 

- 2:30 louis changes the lyrics to “tossed it in the mash”

- 2:32 Zayn pops his head out like “what the fuck Lou” because he seems to be the only one not in the joke of changing to lyrics

- Liams adorable laugh at 2:35 

- 2:49 Harry changes the lyrics to “throw my hand on a spade for ya”

- Niall starts hysterically laughing again

Additional things: Harry’s short poodle like hair, their old xfactor tour outfits, Niall playing the guitar, when Liam and Harry say “Mad woman, Bad woman”, they were all fetus’s, harry was at his highest point of being a cheeky bastard, Liam’s hair, they’re all flawless idiots.

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